Last year’s Sustainable Solutions was part of Green School’s 10 year anniversary and included a 2-day Indigenous gathering celebration in early May 2018. This got us thinking and reflecting.


Connect, Respect, Protect,

We know that our planet is resilient and will survive anything we do to it. But humans may not. Neither are many fauna and flora species being brought into extinction. We are coming to admit that the human race is the problem… AND it is also the solution!

This reflection became the tree, rooted in Green School’s fertile soil from which has grown ripe fruit, ready to be picked! This is Sustainable Solutions 2019 focus.


Connect, Respect, Protect,

We are the solution!

Thousands of human generations have learnt to preserve the earth. Through their traditions, their rituals and their gentle approach of the planet, they know how to treat it well. These were all the people of the Earth before. They are now called Indigenous People. We are all indigenous or local to somewhere but most of us have forgotten what it means. Sustainable Solutions 2019 is holding space to connect us to our roots, be the tree that carries and protects the healing fruit, learning to respect it.

Sustainable Solution 2019, 5th edition focuses on youth connections, activism and Indigenous wisdom.

Green school is inviting indigenous people from around the world to connect, learn and share solutions to respect and protect their wisdom of the earth. We are also inviting students from other countries and continents to present, explore and collaborate on projects with common goals.