Asri Saraswati Iskandar


Asri and Dhika is a couple who run a social enterprise named agradaya, with their engineering background both of them have been work in agriculture especially local herbs and spice in Yogyakarta for almost 4 years with more than 150 smallholder spices farmers around their location.
They believe in sustainable farming, living and fair trade would give more benefit to people, environment and future. Asri works on her formulation behind Agra spices product while dhika developing their business and encourage more farmer to turn back to their local wisdom or natural farming permaculture and appropriate technology to the groups of farmers. Centralize solar dryer house has been installed in the village where farmers lives. It has been used until now and giving more added value and benefit for their spices farmers. Through applying sustainable farming, Agradaya and their farmers produce high quality , organic spices and herbs.


Talk Summary

Fairtrade – Sustainable spices and herbs productions

Agradaya works with more than 157 smallholder farmer. They produce high quality and organic spices and herbs. Fairtrade, natural farming, and appropriate technology have been developed to their process. In reality, there were many bottlenecks that have been solved. smallholder farmers mostly disconnected to markets, post-production facility. poverty is also a huge problem at farmers daily life. Agradaya works with the farmer to create and share more benefit.