Charles Mugarura

Charles Mugarura

Braodfield Enterprises Uganda – Permaculture Group

Schedule :

Friday, May 3rd
  • 9:30 – 10:00
Saturday, May 4th
  • 9:30 – 10:30


Charles Mugarura , a 27 Permaculture social entrepreneur, Tutor , designer, and innovator with 12 years’ experience in permaculture eco –system design. Mugarura started permaculture at the age of 16, under the Blue Mountain Permaculture Institute of Australia with Rosemary Morrow and Dan Palmer with Permaculture Across Borders Project in 2018. It’s now Charles’ full-time career with a background in Computer Science – Makerere University Business School and a number of specialized expertise disciplines. A Global Citizen based in the horn of East Africa – Uganda, Charles serves at national and global level, a policy advocate on youth empowerment, Gender Equality, Health, and sustainable transformation through best and efficient alternatives from the environment as Charles believes in reframing Indigenous technologies using the permaculture approach. He has successfully implemented and committed his deep understanding and works to use permaculture to develop various solutions from farming practices, education, leadership and lifestyle using permaculture, with his dream to transform people, he founded a permaculture social enterprise in 2012, incorporated in 2016. Focused on the creation, implementation, and use of innovative climate change adaptation strategies using the permaculture ethics and principles, especially with the most vulnerable populations of rural farming communities, Charles believes in building practical and permaculture dynamic human resource.

About BEU

BEU’s focus is on creating, implementing and on use of innovative climate change adaptation strategies using the permaculture ethics and principles.

Permaculture and the People of Uganda – East Africa

Talk Summary

Permaculture in Uganda and to the rest of the region of East Africa, is a dynamic growing solution that is appealing to address needs of people, economy, education, environment with a clear pathway to resilient development of a humble lifestyle with concerns to limit consumption and regenerative production practices. Permaculture fundamental development is set to stand on efficient and skilled human resource of educators, demonstrators and innovators that are empowered to empower their circles in all forms at rural and urban levels in balancing dimensions of the literate to illiterate in the process of learning from each other. World Problems remain and accelerate if we don’t build a generation that is equipped to develop a solution that needs to create a transition to resource regeneration for the next fifty years. The Journey begins with micro Units of works by each of us in our zones, connecting them together to benefit one another in all forms of survival. The human race remains the main player in accelerating change the fact that nature is willing and already working around the clock to justify principles of succession and feedback. We redefine our future with Indigenous and efficient modern strategies that can harmonies our existence and the future. There is no future than the real moment of now or today, its the only opportunity at hand for you to make a commitment of justice on everything around you.

Indigenous Related Topics

To a large extend Connect – Respect – Protect Indigenous wisdom — remains very fundamental if we lose it, we disconnect our children and our life from the future of the ecosystem to become intruders. I passionately build towards creating and innovating within the Indigenous framework of efficiency.