Suporahardjo Fnu

Suporahardjo Fnu

Tanoker Ledokombo

Schedule :

Friday, May 3rd
Saturday, May 4th
  • 9:30 – 12:30


Suporahardjo is a board member of Tanoker Foundation. Tanoker is a community known for promoting traditional children’s games “Egrang Bambu” stilt in Ledokombo District, Jember Regency, East Java. Graduated in Doctoral Degree of Sociology from the University of Indonesia, since 1990 Suporahardjo has often been involved in natural resource management and conflict management activities. Its activity can be seen from the many roles it plays, for example as researchers, consultants, training facilitators, and workshops in various types of social activities that it follows. Even since 2011 until now, Suporahardjo has also joined as a member of the Indonesian Forestry Ministry’s National Forestry Extension Commission. In 2008, He moved with his family from Jakarta to Ledokombo then with the children of Ledokombo they initiated community (Tanoker) which established in 2009.

About Tanoker Ledokombo

Our mission is reaffirming educative traditional games, developing collaborative parenting and also developing society as a participatory, creative, innovative and inspirational learning resource.

Metamorphosis on Bamboo Dancing

Workshop Summary

We will facilitate, share inspiration and experience about Egrang (stilts) game and dance. We believe that Egrang is not just a traditional game but also a tool for change for Ledokombo children and the community. Egrang is a symbol or medium – a social-changing tool. It is something traditional that has fallen into disuse, but now it is used to encourage children to move and change.