Iris Fagniez

Iris Fagniez


Schedule :

Friday, May 3rd
  • 10:00 – 10:30


Iris Fagniez is a grade 11 student who recently started her own social enterprise named Bakerycycling. She originally comes from France but spent most her life in Singapore, moving to Bali in the year 2018. Having a strong passion for the environment and a true desire to help the world, Iris is constantly searching for opportunities to engage with youth on solutions regarding global issues. Bakerycyling has already opened her many windows to the discussion of pressing issues such as poor food waste management, lack of access/education to healthy food. She recently became a delegate of the Ariel Youth Foundation and was given the chance to present her concept at the UN ECOSOC forum. Iris hopes to continue meeting/collaborating with motivated youth in the hope to create a movement on responsible production and consumption.

About Bakerycycling

Vision: To create a movement on responsible consumption and production through 100 youth-led initiatives. Mission: Bakerycycling was launched in December 2018 with the aim which to reduce food waste through the upcycling of leftover bread from bakeries into granola. The granola is then sold/bartered for local organic rice produced on a sustainable farm in Ubud (Bali Organic Corner). The quality rice is then distributed to local orphanages accompanied with workshops on healthy eating to both the cooks and the children.


Talk Summary

This presentation about bakerycyling is merely to exemplify how easy it is to create a pilot project based on an issue you feel passionate about. In this case, we tackle the problem of food waste and promote responsible consumption and production through a nexus approach. With this simple and duplicable model, I hope to inspire other youth to put their creativity to work and develop concepts that are both self sustaining and beneficial at a social, environmental and economic level.

Indigenous Related Topics

Bakercycling emphasises the importance of creating concepts that involve/rely on the local community. We have therefore partnered with local organic farmers, a local orphanage and most importantly local bakeries. Each stakeholder is key to the process and allows this concept to run smoothly.