Kishore Sivakumar

Kishore Sivakumar

Center for Research and Interdisciplinary

Schedule :

Saturday, May 4th
  • 9:30 – 12:30

About Center for Research and Interdisciplinary

We are a group of international students at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary at Paris. We have been involved in developing a scalable educational frameworks to promote research based learning and gender equality across borders. Since we strongly believe that only countries have borders but not humans values, We strive to bring about a change in the society through our approach to attain the 2030 UN SD Goals.

The mission of the organization is to promote interdsiciplinary research approaches to solve global probelms with sustainable solutions.

SARAS( Sustainable Approaches to Reinvent Advancing Societies)

Workshop Summary

We have developed a evolving framework targeted to improve education and gender inequalities around the world especially in developing countries where it is much needed. Following cutting edge approaches are fused to achieve the above mentioned goal.

1. Learning by doing to encourage translate knowledge into practical applications.

2. Learning through research to nurture autonomy and curiosity.

3. Peer to peer cooperative learning to scale and break the borders and limitation in learning.

4. Games and game based activity towards gender bias and foster inclusivity.

5. Citizen science to cultivate community participation in the advancement of science.

These structured approaches would be engagingly employed to enable the participants to target two important goals which are quality education and gender equality in their local community. The framework is developed to solve local problems by gaining the in depth understanding of the existing problem through systematic research and propose probable solutions to experiment with respect to the previously mentioned goals. Finally, members will be connected with global community of change makers to share and grow.

Indigenous Related Topics

The workshop is entirely designed to understand and to address the local problems by approaching the issues with at most sensitivity and respect.