Dominique Vanderhaeghen


Dominique Vanderhaeghen is a Belgian-Flemish official at the foreign trade department, who has been seconded since September 2016 to development cooperation as Regional Director of the international NGO `Rikolto in Indonesia` (formerly known as VECO, Vredeseilanden). This iNGO based in Denpasar and with it`s international office in Leuven, Belgium, has a long tradition in Indonesia of empowering and supporting farmer organizations in inclusive and sustainable agriculture and business, with among others projects in cacao, rice, coffee and cinnamon in locations such as Flores, Central Java, South- and West Sulawesi and Jambi. From 2007 to 2011, Dominique has been assigned to the Embassy of Belgium in Jakarta, bringing his total work- and living experience in Indonesia to almost six years. Given his interest for eco-sustainability, he had the experience to run his own import-distribution business in certified organic food for 8 years. Dominique holds degrees in Japanology, business economics and conflict & development from universities in Belgium and Japan and loves playing the piano, speaking different languages and eating and drinking delicious food, wine, and beer, by preference organic. Dominique is married to Valerie Boone, a fellow Japanologist – fashion-designer and has three children, Zoë studying arts in Belgium, and Babette and Remi, both high school students at Green School Bali.


Talk Summary

Sustainable/organic agricultural value chains: bringing the Rikolto model to Bali for rice, coffee, and cacao.

Rikolto in Indonesia has been implementing successfully different programmes in empowering farmer organizations in sustainable agricultural value chains around the archipelago. This presentation will briefly give an overview of the work of Rikolto and open the floor for discussion and idea-gathering on bringing the expertise of Rikolto to Bali and starting up projects in rice, coffee and cacao. Possibly these projects could be connected to the Green School curriculum and to the catering at the school as well.