Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song

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Friday, May 3rd
Saturday, May 4th
  • 13:45 – 16:00


BaoBao Chen

Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Taiwanese project producer and manager BaoBao Chen has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a profile as a public speaker, including a TEDx Talk, and a social media following of 150k. Along with her partner Tim Cole, the two launched the “Small Island Big Song” project in 2015, and have been independently recording and filming with over a hundred musicians across the islands of Pacific and Indian Oceans since. The album “Small Island Big Song” was released in July 2018. As the project manager, BaoBao has also brought the project’s live show, featuring 4 to 12 musicians across the oceans, to stage, booking and managing an extensive world tour in 2018 to 4 continents and engaged more than 100k live audiences. She also produced an interactive website showcasing the music, videos and stories of Small Island Big Song.

Tim Cole

Tim Cole is an Australian Filmmaker and Music Producer who has been specialising on cross cultural projects since producing ‘Not Drowning Wavings’’, landmark album & DVD ‘Tabaran’ in Papua New Guinea. He studied filmmaking at Melbourne University under Arthur Cantrill, subsequently perusing an interest in poetic and non-narrative filmmaking. As expressed in his 2014 directorial debut ‘Vanuatu Women’s Water Music’, ‘Visually stunning, as well as culturally important’, 5 stars, Songlines UK. The film was officially selected for six international film festivals, and was nominated for a UNESCO Cultural Award. As a music producer/engineer Tim Cole has been behind numerous successful and critically acclaimed albums and feature film soundtracks. Tim was officially invited to represent at the United Nations HQ, SXSW, WOMEX and the Peace Boat. He has also received a Churchill Fellowship and is a company member of Circus OZ.

About Small Island Big Song

It was exactly 4 years ago after the 4th IPCC report, we were motivated to do what we could, so as a music producer and a project producer, we began recording songs with indigenous musicians across the region, those have lived on the islands for the longest, those who sing for the seas. Over thousands of years, songs have played an vital role of storytelling and passing down knowledge through generations. True sustaining change is culturally driven, as artists we can shift societies narrative, we have a duty to. With support, we recorded and filmed with 33 featured musicians/groups across 16 island nations of the Pacific & Indian Oceans, where 400 million people share a little known common seafaring ancestry.

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