Felipe Villela

Felipe Villela


Schedule :

Thursday, May 2nd
  • 9:00 – 12:00
Saturday, May 4th
  • 9:30 – 10:30
  • 12:00 – 12:30


Felipe Villela is a 26-year old nature-passionate Brazilian currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he co-founded reNature, a Foundation with the goal of restoring 1 million ha of degraded landscape worldwide through regenerative agroforestry by 2030. He sees himself as a leader within the agricultural sustainability movement, by connecting people and including them in multiple projects. His positive spirit drives him to reach his own goals and to persuade others to believe in themselves, their capability to facilitate change and be a part of a worldwide movement. Together with local farmers, communities, indigenous people, government authorities, companies & organisations, reNature exchanges knowledge to design and implement an economically viable model farm. Felipe’s credo is: only action leads to change. Felipe has done all this due to his passion for ancient traditional knowledge on how to farm from the forest. 5 years ago he went on a journey to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil to get to know indigenous communities living in harmony with nature, and he was extremely inspired by their impressive nature inclusiveness management of the forest resources to make their own clothes, food, and pieces of equipment. After that Felipe has seen how much land is being deforested in the Amazon and made a compromise with himself to change that terrible scenario. Felipe is now implementing Agroforestry farming systems with indigenous and local communities of the Amazon.

About reNature

Regenerate 1 million ha of land worldwide though Agroforestry by 2030.

Agroforestry, the ancient traditional knowledge-based agriculture that will feed our future

Talk Summary

My presentation will be about the co-relation between Agroforestry & the ancient traditional knowledge of indigenous people farming in the Amazon for centuries has. I will be explaining how these communities would grow their food by always preserving the forest ecosystems and what happened in history that changed that. After that I will show what we, within reNature, are doing to recover that knowledge and empower these indigenous people to scale up these farming systems so that we can secure their land and still be able to generate decent income for them to live from. Indigenous people are in threat in the Amazon. Agroforestry can be a potential solution to reconcile both indigenous people as well as businesses & industry needs. However, we need to create a dialogue to collaborate effectively and make a strategical starting point to make it happen. These local communities and indigenous people have the knowledge on how to manage the forest resources, reNature has the Agroforestry team as well as the connection to the most sustainable brands worldwide. That’s enough to make a decent proposal for harmonising relationships in difficult times in Brazil. The goal of my presentation is to inspire people (children, young and old people) to see how Agroforestry can be a very effective way to create cooperation between two completely different groups of people beliefs.

Indigenous Related Topics

The Amazon indigenous people are in threat of their land. Because the government believes that this is the only way of “saving” the economical situation of the country. Using that land to grow soybean, cattle and logging. However, we at reNature are now working on a masterplan to solve that issue.