Maia Balam


Maia is a Mexican Multidisciplinary Artist, Indigenous Eco-Activist, Photographer, Singer/songwriter & International DJ, Author of Traveliving (The sustainable guide for nomadic activism in Latin Amerikua), Bio Hacker Coach (in 2017 she found the codes to heal herself from a very invasive Lyme disease case in just one year through the study of hundreths of cases and medical papers, testing dozens of protocols and theraphies, finding the precise natural bactericides, hunting for the best supplements, superfoods, hope, resilience and a very strict diet), She recently moved in to Bali and is ready to pass on this self-healing codes to anyone who needs to defeat intense bacterias, viruses or learn how to control and master autoimmune diseases.


Talk Summary

Bio Hack Yourself: How to crack the codes of self-healing

BIO HACK YOURSELF. How to reclaim the birth right of a healthy body-mind-spirit . We live in a toxic civilization that needs to be restructured, reprogramed recycled and recreated, but in the mean time we create the propper legislations to protect our environment and stop producing toxic food and toxic waste we need to identify the agents, foods and habits that are creating toxicity in our body. Then once you find those agents its time to detox, change your diet, quit sugar, find the supplements that your body is missing, find natural bactericides if you suffer from parasites, viruses and bacterias, find ways to reduce inflamation, have a propper intake of Omegas and green proteins, exercise, etc. In this presentation you will learn how to Bio Hack your system and become the healthiest person you have ever been.