Ni Nyoman Ayu Suarmandalawati

Ni Nyoman Ayu Suarmandalawati

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Ni Nyoman Ayu Suarmandalawati or better known as Ayu Mandala was born in Denpasar on 16 September 1980. For a Balinese, her career choice in audio-visual communication is a  quite a departure from what Balinese women tend to choose in general.
Her passion for audio-visual communication has seen her developing her skills and careers in for 17 years, starting with working for a radio station, then for television stations, cinema industry, until finally asked to contribute her abilities with her colleagues in Bali to  develop an international platform to introduce Balinese language that can be learned easily by the wider public. One of the media that is currently being developed is BASAbali wiki, a combination of multi-language dictionary, encyclopedia, and digital library.

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How to Contribute in Preserving Balinese Language Through Technology

As with endangered species, the goal with languages should not be to wait until there are only a few remaining survivors and then place them under protection (i.e. make recordings of the last speakers). Rather, we should take the more sustainable path of preserving the diverse natural habitats where minority languages are spoken. This means taking a cultural, political and even economic approach to saving languages, and starting as soon as possible. We are a collaboration of linguists, anthropologists, students, and laypeople, from within and outside of Bali, who are collaborating to keep Balinese strong and sustainable. We ask to participate and join in preserving Balinese language through technology.