Abid Kamalsyah and Wisakananda Pradipta

Abid Kamalsyah and Wisakananda Pradipta



Abid and Wisaka are the co-founder of Niskala. Abid is highly motivated young eco-preneur whom passionate about waste management education for multi-layer communities and Wisaka is a young Balinese who are worried about the post-ceremonial waste problem in Bali and he strongly feel that he has to do something to for this beautiful island to be as it used to be. Since they share same vision for preserving the nature of Bali through culture and tradition, then they create Niskala, a waste management service for ceremonies in Bali.


Talk Summary

N I S K A L A – Preserving Nature Through Culture and Tradition

Niskala is a social enterprise whose mission is to create zero waste ceremonies in Bali through proper waste management. The waste problem is often unrecognizable because as long as it’s unseen then nobody cares. Niskala is a Sanskrit word which literally translates as the unseen world. Just like the waste problem, it’s hidden away from our sight, but it actually has a really huge impact in our lives.

Culture and ceremonies are very central to Balinese life. They practice a life philosophy called Tri Hita Karana; the harmony among god, human, and nature. Niskala sees these needs and opportunities to implement zero waste ceremonies by providing opportunities for Balinese people to strengthen the practice of the philosophy and also to drive a behavioral change by way of sustainable, environmentally-friendly ceremonies. Niskala believes that ceremonies are a way to show gratitude to gods for the Mother Earth that we have lived in.

Peter Mayer’s song, “Holy Now,” expresses the faith you will find here—a conviction that what is sacred cannot be contained by walls or words.
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