Rizky Ambardi


My name is Rizky Ambardi, hence people usually call me Kimbar. My life values are Authentic, Purposeful, and Visionary. My ultimate goal is to contribute to Indonesia through my Venture Capital that focuses on Social Business related to Sustainability area (Energy & Environment) and become a Philanthropist by 2045. My strengths are that I am a solution oriented, analytical thinker, Innovative, and optimistic person. I graduated from Chemical Engineering ITB and here I found my interest in energy sector. During my college life I participated in an NGO called AIESEC. I was the President of AIESEC Bandung 1617, during my time here I had privilege to manage organization with around 200 member and 291 customer. In AIESEC I learn a lot about leadership, management, human resource, and organizational development. I’m also selected as participant of ASES Summit 2016 in Stanford University. In ASES Summit I learn about Design Thinking and creating an entrepreneurship project pitch with the team. Currently I’m running a project/startup that called Sustainable Energy Movement. Sustainable Energy Movement focuses on education, implement technology (Solar PV), and economic empowerment for those in needs. Our first project is implementing Mobile Hybrid Power Source (Mobile Power Plant) in Pesantren Al-Umanaa, Sukabumi. Before implementing the technology, we educate the teachers & students in the school about renewable energy & energy efficiency. After that we also train them on how to monitor the technology. We got the grant to implement this project from Kemenristekdikti around 17,500 USD. I was also a selected delegate for MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. Where I learned about disciplined entrepreneurship approach. During the bootcamp we were trained by MIT Sloan lectures & alumni.

Talk Summary

Sustainable Energy for Society

In general the flow of the presentation will be divided into three block which is: 1. Why I started this, 2. How was the implementation, 3. Key learning from the implementation. In why section I’ll tell about our pain that 2519 villages or 293.532 household haven’t got electrification access. After that I’ll tell about how were our journey in creating sustainable energy movement. Where our first objective is just to educate the School in Sukabumi, yet we finally ended up provide them with Solar PV Technology (Mobile Hybrid Power Source). The last part I’ll tell them about our key learning when implement the project & when we had a survey (live in) in one of the village in Sukabumi that don’t have electricity access.