Simon Jongenotter

Simon Jongenotter

New Earth Cooking


Simon Jongenotter is on a mission to redefine the modern duty of a chef, which is to translate Mother Nature’s gifts into palatable and nourishing foods for humans. The last 5 years of his quest have been spent in Bali, where this led him to develop food forests, restaurant menus, and full cycle food chains in harmony with our planet.

New Earth Cooking is not a diet, doctrine, or a new way of life. Instead, it’s about actively engaging with an age-old question: what would it take for humanity to thrive on this planet? Or more precisely, what can I do today, as an individual, to contribute to the evolution human consciousness?

Our species is now facing a choice, evolve or die, as at current rates it’s destroying the very systems that its health and well-being depend on. With a mixed background as a professional chef, qualified energy healing practitioner, and a big love for Mother Earth, Simon aims to empower the community through food. Increasing numbers of aware and empowered individuals are going to be the critical change makers, not single politicians or self-proclaimed gurus, according to an optimistic but realistic Simon Jongenotter.


Talk Summary

Food Forest: The Ideal Human Habitat

Humanity is at the end of 10.000 years of agriculture as this unsustainable system of food production is now drawing to a close. The big question remains, what’s next for humanity if we are to thrive on this planet? Explore the opportunities through the New Earth 5 Philosophy and find out what you can do today.