Tjok Gde Kerthyasa


A practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine, Holistic Health Consultant, Deputy President of the Ikatan Homoeopath Indonesia (Indonesian Homeopathic Association), Director of Tirta Usada Holistic Health, Author, Co-founder of Tea Craft (Australia). My professional life is split between a private practice in Homeopathy and Natural Medicine in Ubud, teaching workshops on homeopathy in Jakarta and Bali, working on a new book, and developing natural medicine formulations in my laboratory. My family life is vibrant with my beautiful wife Marianna and amazing kids Adi, Mira, Mia, Illarion, and Ian. My community life keeps me busy and involved with the Desa Adat Ubud and Puri Ubud. My educational background is a Bachelor of Health Science (UNE) and Advanced Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine (ACNT). Prior to this I have studied hotel management and music. Practicing holistic medicine is my way of channeling my love for humanity, the environment, and finding sustainable ways for people to live in alignment with nature.


Talk Summary

What holistic medicine means to me

The word ‘holistic’ is used to describe such a wide variety of things today – so much so that it has become a catch-phrase and marketing tool to sell a wide variety of products and services. As one who practices ‘holistic medicine’, I will be exploring what this means to me and share the fundamental elements that I believe make up a truly holistic way of living and maintaining health. We will find out it is far more than just using natural medicines.

Peter Mayer’s song, “Holy Now,” expresses the faith you will find here—a conviction that what is sacred cannot be contained by walls or words.
We have thought about you, wondered about you, imagined you, as we have created this place out of time, this unique spiritual community.
We are a community of thousands of people from around the world, with a variety of life situations and circumstances.  We come here because we value companionship on our journey which is non-judgmental, curious, respectful,  engaged.
We come here speaking and seeking many languages of meaning—Christian and atheist, Buddhist and Jewish, Muslim and Hindu and agnostic.  We are spiritual but not religious.  We come here as faithful members of religious congregations, and people who only cross those thresholds for wedding and funerals.
We come here with diverse identities—from many cultures, genders, races, sexual orientations, nationalities, faith perspectives, political parties, ages and abilities.
We come here with shared values—values of love, acceptance, diversity, justice, spiritual growth, the worth and dignity of all.  We come to experience our interdependence, to touch strength together that we cannot find alone.
Whoever you are, whatever your story, we bid you welcome.  We hope that this online spiritual community will be a home for you in the tough moments of your life, times when you want to celebrate life’s blessings, and when it’s just another Tuesday afternoon crawling by. Welcome.